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Below are the various body shapes available for your GMW Custom Guitar as well as a description of each shape. Please also utilize the below buttons to help in your choices for your GMW Custom Guitar.
In addition, we offer a wide array of "no extra cost" options, some of which are listed below. Most guitar manufacturers apply extra fees for such options, but here at GMW, we prefer to allow the customer complete freedom in building the guitar of their dreams without having to worry about a host of extra charges.

Customers are invited to browse our GMW Virtual Guitar Generator along with our GMW Custom Guitar Price Menu to help you realize the custom guitar of your dreams. It's easy, and you don't need to bust the bank to achieve the guitar you develop.


GMW "No Extra Cost" Options:

Choice of either rosewood or maple fingerboard on a maple neck
Choice of 6150, 6100, 6000, 6230 fretwire / Choice of either 1 5/8" or 1 11/16" wide nut width
Choice of any standard model Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio or EMG pickup in any standard color
Choice of any standard solid color or metallic color. (Pure white is additional)
Choice of any hardware color (chrome, black or gold)
Choice of either Gotoh SG-36 non-locking tuners or Sperzel Trim Lock locking tuners
Choice of type and location of all controls. Extra controls like coil taps and kill switches are no extra cost options!!!
Choice of bridge system (Original Floyd Rose, two point steel block/steel saddle standard trem, tunomatic, etc.)
Choice of pearl, abalone, white or black dot inlays (and side dots)