Besides the single humbucker models we provide, our GMW and Empire guitars come in the typical two and three pickup configurations.  They will be wired as follows, unless specified otherwise.  An optional tone control will not affect the wiring diagrams provided below. 

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Besides the usual 5-way slider switch found on most three pickup model guitars made by other manufacturers, we more commonly employ the E model Megaswitch for our guitars equipped with three pickups.  It operates in exactly the same fashion as the typical 5-way slider switch, with the exception of position 3, which directs the operation of the two outer pickups (these being the bridge and neck pickups), rather than solely the middle pickup. 



E Model Megaswitch:

Position 1  Bridge pickup only

Position 2  Bridge and middle pickups

Position 3  Bridge and neck pickups   (Note: Ordering a typical 5-way slider switch will give you just the middle pickup in this position.)

Position 4  Middle and neck pickups

Position 5  Neck pickup only 


Besides the traditional Gibson 3-way style switch found on many two humbucker models, we typically use a P model Megaswitch for our two humbucker models.  However, an E model can also be ordered, so both wiring diagrams are provided below for reference purposes.  Note: the wiring for the P model Megaswitch follows that found in Paul Reed Smith guitars which incorporate a rotary 5-way switch.

P Model Megaswitch:

Position 1 Bridge pickup only
Position 2 Inner pickup coils are in parallel
Position 3 Outer pickup coils are in series
Position 4 Outer pickup coils are in parallel
Position 5 Neck pickup only

E Model Megaswitch:

Position 1 Coils A and B are accessed (noise canceling)
Position 2 Coil A only
Position 3 Coils A and D only (noise canceling)
Position 4 Coil C only
Position 5 Coils C and D are accessed (noise canceling)

For our three pickup models that utilize a humbucker pickup for the bridge position, we typically install a push-pull potentiometer for the volume control.  This allows the user to split the bridge pickup so that with positions 1, 2 and 3 shown above, a single coil pickup will result whenever the bridge pickup is in operation and the push-pull potentiometer is utilized. This provides the user with three additional sounds in addition to those described above, which are summarized below.

E Model Megaswitch with humbucking bridge pickup in single coil mode.

Position 1  Bridge pickup only in single coil mode

Position 2  Bridge pickup in single coil mode and middle pickup

Position 3  Bridge pickup in single coil mode and neck pickup

Position 4  Middle and neck pickups

Position 5  Neck pickup only