Serial Number: G0018



Body/Neck Binding:


GMW SS (Savant SS-R) / alder (with angled rear heel scallop)


Original Floyd Rose trem (recessed), Gotoh SG-36 tuners, Black

Headstock: Fingerboard: Electronics:

GMW Reverse Millennium

Ebony, with satin finish on neck

DiMarzio Tone Zone DP-155F, one volume, football side jack

Neck Specifications:             

Fingerboard Inlay: Color / Graphics:

One piece solid birdseye maple, 1 11/16”” nut width (R3), 6100 frets

GMW Custom "F@ck Conformity"

GMW Anarchy graphic with painted cover and ring, plus black headstock

GMW Logo Color: Assembly Date: Additional Comments:


April 26, 2007

This is the first GMW guitar built using a reverse Millennium headstock.  It is also the first GMW Savant SS-R model. (SS guitar with heel scallop)